BioMarin Patient & Physician Support (BPPS)

Bringing the Promise to Patients

BioMarin develops promising therapies for patients with severe and/or life-threatening diseases. We utilize innovative product development strategies to maximize the speed of development and quickly bring those therapies to patients.

But that’s not enough.

We provide individualized patient support services, connecting those in need with case managers who assist with access to treatment, insurance coverage, and reimbursement support.

How can BPPS help?

With one telephone call to BPPS, patients will receive live, personalized support by a specialized case manager who will research insurance coverage and alternative benefit options. BPPS will help patients obtain coverage and minimize out-of-pocket expenses and find alternative financial assistance for treatment.

Patients are Our Priority

Bringing patients prompt, uninterrupted access to treatment is our goal. To reach a BPPS case manager, please call toll-free: 1-866-906-6100 or e-mail: